Detroit Free Press: Taking The Lead: Bringing Outdoor Enthusiast to Advertisers

Carbon Media Group, a Bingham Farms company, is aiming to create a digital ecosystem of about 500 websites to help advertisers target an audience that the company says seek to “live, work and play outdoors,” and are missed by more traditional media.

Hyaat Chaudhary / Carbon Media Group

Hyaat Chaudhary / Carbon Media Group

The company, which has annual sales between $10 million and $30 million, owns about 30 sites.

It also employs about 50 people, many of them in their 20s and 30s, and plans to hire more in the next year.

We sat down with Hyatt Chaudhary, CEO, and CMG, to talk about about their business model — which they said is profitable — and what is ahead.

Question: What does Carbon Media Group do — and what is your strategy to make money?

Chaudhary: Carbon Media Group brings the outdoor enthusiast to advertisers in an efficient manner with unique advertising opportunities.

Q: You’ve gone from a very small company to one with that now has more than 50 employees in a couple years, and you have plans to add more. Talk about your explosive growth.

Chaudhary: We started as a traditional display advertising network and, really, in 2011 we began to branch out into more unique forms of advertising like mobile, social and content and video and that’s really been driving our growth, in addition to broader market growth into action sports and agriculture from outdoors, which we define as hunting, fishing, shooting and power sports.

Q: What do you do to create content?

Chaudhary: We have a content division in-house here with four writers and we also partner with freelancers. Part of that content is used to drive the strategy of the websites we own and operate. And part of it is focused on a technology solution and content syndication that we are building out now.

Q: What kind of standards do you set for your content — which might be aggregated from other sources or rewritten from new releases?

CMG: Obviously, we state where everything is coming from. We make sure everyone knows if its from a freelancer, it’s original or given to us — or if it’s from someone else, we’ll make sure everyone knows. And the standard we set is that when someone opens up an article they know exactly where it’s coming from.

Q: Where do you see the company going in the future?

Chaudhary: A large portion of the strategy going forward is to focus on ownership of properties and ownership of content. You are going to see us starting to acquire at a faster, more rapid pace. You’re going to see us launch sites quicker — and you are going to see a strong move into video, especially in 2014.

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