Fox 2: If You Want to Get a Job in Metro Detroit, Think Technical

Hyaat Chaudhary, CEO of Carbon Media Group offers the following information: 

Detroit is a digital destination: The tech industry is growing and hiring right here. From HR and marketing to sales and customer service, it’s not just web developers and social media gurus that are part of this growing sector. Don’t miss out! It’s happening here in large part because companies value the work ethic and ingenuity of Detroiters. Here’s how you can give your resume and interview skills a tech tune-up…

Resume tips:

  • Show that you can do more than one task: Start ups are all about finding creative ways to solve problems, so showing a strong work ethic and a variety of skills and experiences is key.

  • Don’t shy away from touting your experience, just make it relevant: Put yourself in the shoes of a company like Carbon-fast-moving, taking on new opportunities, etc. Your job history doesn’t have to be technology focused to be a strong fit.

  • List examples of taking on challenges: As many tech companies are in their early stages of growth, we want candidates to show that they are excited about taking on a variety of challenges and opportunities. Your perseverance is more important than the industry.

Interview tips:

  • Cultural fit is important: Growing tech companies want to hire people who can be a contributing part of their culture. At Carbon Media Group, we’re focused on outdoor enthusiasts, so that’s a big part of our office culture-do your homework before you apply.

  • Be confident, even if it’s a new field: At every step in the process, we’re looking for specific job skills: HR, writing, sales, customer service, account management, etc. Not everyone needs to be a web developer! Don’t shy away from these types of opportunities just because you’ve only worked in more traditional fields.

  • Be ready for a fun (but long) interview: You can’t judge cultural fit from a resume. At Carbon, we put candidates through a creative interview process meeting with different team members from the top to the bottom of the company. It’s much more fun than a traditional interview, but candidates should be ready for a marathon (sometimes 3-4 hours)!

Source: Fox 2


Luke Capizzo