CNBC: The Huge Biz of Hunting

on 06/15/15


David Farbman, founder of Carbon Media Group and Chairman behind, talks with CNBC about the huge business of hunting.

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CSA: Metrics in the Matrix: Maximizing digital ad spends for retailers

on 03/04/15


At a time when the traditional separation between online and brick-and-mortar retailers is blurring, brands need to be smarter to win on the digital front. The ability to establish a presence online — and to capitalize on digital marketing and promotions driven by social media and other online tools — is no longer a luxury: it is a necessity.

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MediaPost: Google Football-Related Searches Spike Leading Up To Super Bowl

on 01/22/15


On game day, Hyaat Chaudhary, CEO at Carbon Media Group, believes fans are more interested in searching for odds, stats, records, players, and other details related to the game. For many viewers, the commercials are just as important, or more important, than the game itself. “The commercials are the entertainment, and people will do searches online during and after the game to find commercials they want to re-watch,” he said.

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