Carbon Media Group Launches

on 07/29/16


With the launch of, Carbon Media Group continues to innovate in the digital Agriculture and Rural Lifestyle space


BINGHAM FARMS, Michigan — Carbon Media Group, a global leader in outdoor and rural lifestyle-related digital content, launches its latest daily news website: The launch takes place in conjunction with the Ag PhD Field Day event in Baltic, South Dakota on July 28th. aims to provide production farming and rural lifestyle audiences with engaging and innovative content that covers a broad scope of interests and formats. The agriculture website brings a modern style and sensibility to telling the stories of one of the world’s oldest and most technologically advanced industries.

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Video: David Farbman Discusses the State of The Outdoor Industry on CNBC

on 05/27/16


With over $646 Billion spent annually, the outdoor industry is nothing to scoff at.

Research has shown that outdoorsmen and women spend a higher-than-average percentage of their income on their pursuits and passions. With that being said, Carbon Media Group is capitalizing on the shift towards digital media and changing content consumption behaviors. CarbonTV, along with our website, are leading the charge toward more organic content with less invasive advertising. At the end of the day, people don’t want to be pressured into buying products, they want to be able to make decisions on their own terms.

Watch David Farbman, Carbon Media Group Chairman, discuss the outdoor industry with the “FMHR” traders and John Spallanzani, GFI Group below: